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Galilean Chulent- Friday tiyulim mixing all what's amazing about the Galil
Karmiel, Israel

Gallilian Chulent

קום והתהלך בארץ

Friday tiyulim mixing all what's amazing about the Gallil

The Gallil is special in so many ways:

Nature: Unparalleled views, mountains and springs, wild flowers and the natural rhythm of all these throughout the year.

Jewish history: The Gallil boasts biblical sites and stories. The Gallil becomes the center of Jewish life and creativity, after the destruction of Jerusalem, and the home and inspiration of the sages of the Mishna and Talmud. Jewish life continued in the Gallil throughout the medieval period until modern times.

Zionism: The Gallil served as experiment grounds for different social structures fulfilling national ideals and needs.

People- Israelis with different stories, religions and backgrounds' meet in the Gallil. Bedouins Circassians, Muslims and different Christian sects are all here.

Holy sites: Tombs of great rabbis and holy cities, Shrines to Druze prophets, locations of stories from the New Testament and more have made the Gallil a place of pilgrimage and spirituality.

NBN Go North is sponsoring this 4 part course, with tour guide and Jewish educator Aliza Avshalom, veteran Olah, resident of the Galil, born in New Jersey.  Add more info

  1. Friday Sept. 15th 2017

Tel Yodfat and Mt Atzmon – The ancient Jewish city of Yodfat is the story of a city willing to physically  stand up for Jerusalem against the onslaught of the Roman legions. Here Yosef Ben Matityahu (a.k.a Josephus Flavius) will make his debut.   Here the amazing story of how this ancient village was discovered by modern archeologists. 

Yodfat is also a unique reserve of the sea squill , the Hatzav, a huge geophytes flower, that will be in full bloom. This is the flower that heralds in the fall.

Views of Netofa valley from Harrarit.

Learn about the modern –day pioneers of the Gallil and the "mitspim" movement, and meet an area resident and hear a first hand story.

  1. Friday October 20th 2017

Olive culture in the Gallil

Walk though ancient olive groves, pick olives learn the different species; learn how to pickle olives, olives in Jewish tradition and as a metaphor of our sages. Understand the story of the miracle of the one jar of olive oil for Hannuka by seeing the natural olive oil process.

  1. Friday November 17th 2017

Mt Tavor and biblical landscape. Ascend the top of the mountain which has its place in biblical stories, midrash, and is a foil to Mt. Sinai in the Christian tradition. We will walk the circuit trail and together learn the biblical story in the place it happened. Visit Kfar Tavor.

  1. Friday Dec. 15th 2017

Special for Hannuka! Beit Shearim and the Menorah caves. The Greco – Roman influence in Jewish life (and death). Explore the symbol of the Menorah in antiquity and Jewish symbols today.

From the Alexander Zaid statue we will have an amazing view of the Jezereel valley and learn about the valley from the days of the pioneers and the Shomer movement to Kvish 6.

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Some more details:

  • Time frame: meeting at 7:30 am, in Karmiel. Return between 1:00-1:30 pm, to Karmiel.Exact timetable will be sent prior to each event.

  • Transportation: there will be a hired bus leaving from Karmiel, with possible option to pick up in a designated spot, depending on registration.

  • Cost: 250 NIS, paid in advance, for all four tiyulim. This 4 part course is highly subsidized.

  • Registration and payment deadline: Friday September 8th

  • Participants should bring sandwiches, snacks and water.

  • Wear comfortable walking shoes.

  • No baby strollers. Babies can be worn in carriers.

  • There is some walking on paved and unpaved paths, with varied terrain.

  • Dates are subject to change.

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Fri, September 15, 2017 7:30 AM - 1:30 PM (IDT) North Karmiel, Israel Hosted By: Roni Gilbert